The Environment

Our Commitment to The Environment
Foil Republic is committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the
environment whilst producing its range of hair foil.

The key points of our strategy to achieve this are based on the following:

All hairdressing foil packaging is made from recycled, reusable and recyclable cardboard
All hair Foil contains recycled aluminium, and is 100% Recyclable once used and can be reused
again if you place your used hair foil in the appropriation recycling bin.

To find your nearest recycler following this link

Colour with confidence knowing that you are doing the environment a favour whilst using
Foil Republic's hair dressing foil range.

Recycling makes a huge difference to the impact on our Environment.
Over one million kilograms of hair foil from Australian hair salons is contributed to landfill each year.

As a business, we are responsible for how we manage our products.

The Environment friendly
100 % recyclable
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